Amilipeptina 3Kg

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100% amylopeptin

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Amylopectin 3Kg is a carbohydrate with a higher molecular weight and a much lower osmolarity rate than dextrose and maltodextrin, which makes the rate of absorption and assimilation almost double as it reaches the blood in a very short time .

Amylopectin is a very versatile nutritional supplement since it can be consumed before, during and after training, according to the goal and the sport practice that it performs. It can be consumed alone, or mixed together with its post-workout protein shake, to facilitate the digestion of the same, and make gastric emptying more quickly and recovery occurs faster.

Regardless of the stage in which you are, whether in volume or definition; The best supplement to take after a hard and intense workout is 100% Amylopectin, formulated only using maize starch of the highest purity, without fat or sugar, and without increasing calories to your diet.

Amylopectin 3kg blends perfectly with water, and is available in delicious orange flavor.

How to use

As a dietary supplement, mix 75 grams (3 measuring buckets) in water or juice alongside whey protein of your favorite flavor.


99% amylopeptin


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Amilipeptina 3Kg

Amilipeptina 3Kg

100% amylopeptin